Double Chin Treatment

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Non-surgical double chin Treatment

Double chin neck liposuction is a very basic concern for many individuals who are trying to attain a more sculpted jawline. Many people wrongly believe that double chins can only be the result of lifestyle choices. The fact is that this problem does not actually have anything to do with body weight. It can happen due to genetics, age and other factors beyond our control.

Double chin treatment is an efficient, non- invasive treatment, which reduces “chin fullness” or a 'double chin' in both males and females. Including a series of injections, this is a quick and successful way of getting rid of stubborn deposits of unwanted chin fat for a more contoured jawline and neck profile.

Double Chin Treatment - Belkyra

Belkyra is a remedy used for common double chin treatments and is FDA and Health Canada approved for the treatment of submental fullness brought on by bulging stubborn fat. This double chin treatment takes no more than an hour to execute and involves injections beneath your chin.

Belkyra breaks down fat and you will see your double chin slowly disappear, leaving you with a firmer neck area. A minimum of 2 treatments is required to see the result of significant fat removal.

Is it the right treatment for me?

It's a normal concern for both women and men that no matter how much you diet or workout, the fullness under the chin region is a may not go away.It may be an aspect of aging, genetics or look as a result of weight changes. This may cause you to really feel and look heavier or older than you are. This FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment, contours and improves the appearance of double chin

You may be a good prospect for this treatment if you:

  • Are bothered by the presence of a double chin.
  • Feel the condition makes you look older or bigger than you are.
  • Eat well and workout but submental fullness doesn't disappear.
  • Prefer a nonsurgical approach.

What does it involve?

Belkyra is made up of deoxycholate, a synthetic non-animal chemical that can disrupt the cell membrane of fat cells and are then naturally refined by the body. Deoxycholate is generated naturally in our own bodies to deteriorate the fat we eat. The product we inject is indistinguishable from what is found circulating in our own bodies which is why Belkyra is incredibly safe.

Belkyra treatment is very simple and fast. At Let Them Notice, we will carry out the Belkyra treatment with great accuracy. We'll inject it in a very methodical and precise fashion into the fat pocket. The treatment is then complete and you can go back to your normal tasks immediately.

How about side effects?

 Most patients encounter mild to moderate pain or distress when being treated; Pain, bruising, numbness, swelling, redness, tingling are adverse effects that are mostly temporary and not widely common.