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PRP Hair Treatment Toronto

PRP Hair Treatment Toronto

Are you worried about hair loss at an early age or even later in life? Don’t be because PRP hair treatment Toronto is an easy process that is gaining a lot of popularity due to its promising results! Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair treatment toronto involves using your own blood to stimulate hair growth. Essentially, PRP involves injecting your own blood into the scalp. This procedure isolates growth factors from your blood and re-stimulates hair follicles leading to hair follicle proliferation, regrowth, and quality. PRP in Toronto

Feel more attractive

Hair makes up a part of how we feel about ourselves. Hair thinning and balding can cause stress and embarrassment, often leading us to feel less attractive or aged. Hair loss affects both women and men equally and both look for hair treatment which is possible with PRP Hair treatment toronto in our Toronto Clinic.  Find out more about PRP Toronto

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons including hormonal changes, anemia, thyroid gland disorders, nutritional deficiencies, chronic stress or anxiety and or genetics. Our Toronto clinic will take a detailed medical history and recommend getting blood tests for common causes of hair loss. Treating the underlying cause will result in optimal PRP hair treatment outcomes.

Are PRP hair injections a new treatment?

PRP has been around for decades and was initially used to address medical concerns around wound healing and cellular regeneration. For this reason, it now being used in the aesthetic and orthopedic and sports medicine fields. Scars, wrinkle, and fine lines and even acne

field for procedures s, orthopedics and sports medicine to help with muscle and joint sprains or tears. In aesthetics, PRP is used with microneedling to treat fine lines and facial wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars or even skin pigmentation such as brown spots or freckles. In orthopedics PRP joint injection treatment is used to treat sprains and strains from sports injuries.

Non-surgical PRP Hair Treatment Toronto

PRP hair treatments are safe and cost-effective. Hair transplant procedures can cost over ten thousand dollars compared to PRP hair treatments. PRP injections can be used in the scalp, eyebrows or even beard area stimulate regrowth and fullness.
How long will it take before PRP hair treatments start working?
We recommend three PRP hair treatments 1-2 months apart. Results are noticeable 6 months after the first treatment. PRP hair treatments can be used in conjunction with other treatments to augment results.
We invite you to book a complimentary consultation for PRP hair treatment in Toronto at our clinic. It is our mission to help you look and feel your best!


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