eyebrow microblading

Microblading is semi permanent cosmetic tattooing. A manual tool with very fine needles is used to deposit pigment underneath the skin, with fine lines drawn individually to mimic the look of real hairs. This results in beautiful, full, defined, naturally looking eyebrows. Your eyebrows take a minimum of a week to heal. In the first 7 days after the treatment it is very important not to apply any makeup, powder or any other cream over the eyebrows except the after care that is recommended to you. You must NOT pick your eyebrows and let the scabbing fall off naturally. Avoid dust, touching eyebrows with dirty fingers, tweezing, swimming, tanning beds, working out, excessive sweating and direct sunlight. Avoid abrasive treatments in the area of the eyebrows such as scrubbing face washes, masks, peels etc.

Results: Natural, last 1-2 years and require annual touch ups. No laser treatments on eyebrows as it can lighten pigment or create burns. Treatment time: 2.5 hours

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